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At the American Institute for English Language and Entrepreneurship, we understand your immediate language needs and we will help you start your pathway to improve your English skills for your professional, academic, or personal needs.

Are you ready to improve your English? Would English training help you advance your career? Are you looking for a course customized to your individual needs?
Learning English at the American Institute for English and Entrepreneurship is an invaluable investment and is easy. We offer customized language training to executives, professionals and students who have basic, intermediate or advanced level English language skills.
At the American Institute for English and Entrepreneurship we are committed to your success! Each of the above courses is taught by a qualified trainer and all of our trainers are career professionals with more than hundred (100) combined years of English training experience.

Êtes-vous prêt à améliorer votre anglais ? Une formation en anglais vous aiderait-elle à faire avancer votre carrière ? Vous cherchez un cours adapté à vos besoins individuels?
Apprendre l’anglais à l’American Institute for English and Entrepreneurship est un investissement inestimable et facile. Nous offrons une formation linguistique personnalisée aux cadres, aux professionnels et aux étudiants qui ont des compétences linguistiques de base, intermédiaires ou avancées en anglais.
À l’American Institute for English and Entrepreneurship, nous nous engageons pour votre réussite ! Chacun des cours ci-dessus est enseigné par un formateur qualifié et tous nos formateurs sont des professionnels de carrière avec plus de cent (100) années combinées d’expérience en formation en anglais.

Modules Disponibles en Anglais

Business English

Business English is the type of English used in business contexts, such as international trade, commerce, finance, insurance, banking, and many office settings

Workplace English

A workplace or place of employment is a location where people perform tasks, jobs and projects for their employer.Types of workplaces vary across industries and can be inside a building or outdoors

English Conversation

Conversational English is the language used by everyday speakers. It is casual and informal. It is the type of English that is used in grocery stores, at the gym or when speaking with friends and family.

TOEL Preparartion

The test is often taken by students who are planning to study at a university abroad and scholarship candidates, along with students and workers who are applying for visas and English-language learners tracking their English progress.

Medical English

Medical English is the specialized vocabulary used by healthcare professionals and clinical researchers. This page also discusses the communication techniques needed for effective work relationships.

Virtual English Club

This is an offer that allows our former students to practice the English language among themselves. These are online discussions that will be conducted throughout the year at an affordable cost.

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